10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EST)
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Wanica Dunn
Portuguese Style of Knitting - Basic Knitting Skills: Cast On, Knit,Purl, Bind off with Andrea Wong

Students will learn a different way to knit. It is not German or English method. The yarn will be fed and tensioned around the neck (or knitting pin), leaving hands free to hold needles. Stitches are formed by looping tensioned yarn around the needle using left thumb only. If left thumb is a problem, student might use the right thumb instead. It does not matter if student is right or left handed as knitting uses both hands. This method is much easier in the hands because it takes less maneuvering of needles to accomplish the work, purling is easier than knitting, it is fast and ergonomic. Once you learn how to knit and purl using the Portuguese Style, we will practice all increases and decreases on the swatch the students are working on. As a bonus Andrea will teach a Portuguese cast on and bind off. To reinforce learning of new skills we will start knitting a pair of socks. Students are going to learn how to knit, purl, all increases, all decreases and how to cast on and how to bind off Portuguese Style.

Class Supplies: 

Worsted weight yarn in light color. Needles of preference sizes US#6 or #7.

Optional: 1 skein sock yarn OR any yarn that gives 7 stitches and ? rows = 4 inches; Needles size US #2. Needle size of preference: 2 circulars, 1 long circular, double pointed needles, flex tips.

Pattern is included in the class.