10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EST)
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Susanne Sommer
Sideway Sweater with Susanne Sommer

No matter if you’re looking to bring some variation in your sweater knitting, or for an easy construction method for your first sweater project, sideways sweaters construction is for you! This class not only covers theory of different sideways construction methods (cuff to cuff, sleeves to center, center-out, or a mixed approach) and explains the design possibilities, it also includes an easy and fun modular pattern recipe that you can use to create your own custom design! In class, we’ll knit a cute miniature sideways sweater to get more familiar with this construction method.

Class Skills: 

Basic knitting skills (knit, purl, increase, decrease)

Class Supplies: 

Yarn and matching needles to knit a miniature sweater, stitch markers; optional (for the sweater recipe): gauge swatch, tape measure, calculator, pencil