9:00 AM - 9:30 AM (EST)
Session Type
For Everyone
Yoga and Self Acupressure with Melissa Soong of Knitty City

Ease your tension, balance your chi and make your knitting as even as your spirit, mind and body. Give yourself the gift of Presence this Holiday Season and treat yourself to a mindful yoga and self acupressure session tailored specifically to knitters. Melissa Soong is the manager of Knitty City in New York City, an avid knitter, and an experienced yoga instructor. Dedicated to making sure that we use healthful form when we’re knitting, Melissa knows all the ins and outs of where we need to stretch, how we need to sit, and how to make knitting as comfortable as possible. Revel in the mindfulness and presence you will feel from taking part in this virtual session: Knitter’s Yoga. No previous yoga experience required.