10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EST)
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For Everyone
The Roxbury Mansion Tour

Take a virtual field trip to the motel that started at all. Escape to the Catskills with owners Greg and Joe who take us on the amazing journey they’ve had in designing the most imaginative, creative places that you will ever see. Recently profiled on CBS News, happy previous customers helped save The Roxbury when the pandemic hit them hard. Located in the quaint, historic town of Roxbury, NY. The Roxbury is an extensively renovated motel, a remarkably decorated mansion, and fairy tale-like cottages that have one-of-a-kind themes in each dwelling. Words are simply inadequate to describe the splendor, spirit and quirky genius to be found here. Tour Cinderella’s cottage, the Superhero suite, the Crooked Cabana Spa and much, much more. Let your imagination run wild and get inspired by these masters of escapism. Those of you joining us for our Escape to the Catskills Retreat in 2021, GET EXCITED for our in-person reunion at The Roxbury. If you have been on the fence about joining us in-person, this tour will surely convince you to say YES and join us!