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Wing & a Prayer Farm

Breed Specific Fiber from Beloved Flocks. Natural and Naturally Dyed Yarns and rovings in all weights, spun from our flock of 8 different breeds of sheep, Angora goats, Cashmere goats and Alpacas. We hand dye each and every skein that does not have it's own rich, natural color, using botanical ingredients from our Dye garden, fields, forest and forage in our back yard. We sell small Lap Looms, Mending Kits and knitting and crochet tools hand made by us using local wood and including tools designed and made by Katrinkles Knitting Jewelry in Providence, ,R.I., and include our own hand raised flocks' finest wools and rovings and locks for you to design with. We sell naturally dyed and sewn Organic Cotton and Linen shawls, aprons and our own wool felt kits for needle felting your own designs. We also have notions and tools for fiber artists. We have Natural Dye Kits for you to try dyeing at home. We also make our own Cold Processed Farm Soaps using botanicals from our farm and tallow from local small farms.