Full Name
Gretchen Frederick
Solitude Wool
Speaker Bio
Gretchen Frederick is a shepherd and founding partner of Solitude Wool. A background in art and design, she is a mostly lapsed spinner, occasional weaver and perpetual beginner/intermediate knitter. Working with fleece from small farms in the Chesapeake Fibershed she has touched many different breeds of sheep and their wool. Selecting fleece, skirting, designing yarns, dyeing, hauling, selling and working with all these types of wool seeps into your brain through your fingers!

Kathy Reed, a retired Navy Captain and now shepherd to a small flock of cashmere goats and alpacas in Loudoun County, Virginia. Joining Solitude Wool as a partner in 2018, Kathy brings knitting expertise (a certified knitting teacher), enthusiasm and a can-do attitude, friendliness and height (!) to the Solitude Wool partner/worker team.
Gretchen Frederick