Full Name
Marisa Morrison
Job Title
Founder, Owner & Chief Pom Pom Officer
The Neon Tea Party
Speaker Bio
Marisa Morrison Stein is the founder of The Neon Tea Party, a virtual craft studio based in South Orange, New Jersey! Through The Neon Tea Party, Marisa and her team invite you to celebrate your creativity through colorful fiber and jewelry crafts, which they teach through virtual workshops, online tutorials, and craft kits and supplies available in the TNTP Shop! While The Neon Tea Party offers a wide array of crafts to learn, Marisa's own expertise lies in teaching pom poms and tassels, friendship bracelets, and tie dye, which she has taught for the past four years online and across the country both through The Neon Tea Party and at partner studios such as Purl SoHo and CraftJam in New York, Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver, Knit1 in Chicago, Jenny Lemons in San Franciso, Artelexia in San Diego, and Makers Mess in Los Angeles. Marisa and The Neon Tea Party have been featured in such publications as The Today Show, Kristy Glass Knits, Craft Yarn Council, Craft Hangout Podcast, Collage Creative Podcast. Marisa operates The Neon Tea Party from her home in South Orange, New Jersey where she lives with her husband and TNTP's "Chief Hustle Officer" Sam!
Marisa Morrison