Knit + Escape Shetland Saturday

8 Incredible HOURS of Brilliant Content direct from the Shetland Islands!

Shetland is a cluster of islands way out in the Atlantic ocean. Its rich and varied earth heritage spans almost three billion years and has earned it UNESCO Global Geopark status. Rocky, remote, raw and rare, breathtaking and scenic, the islands inspire with their unique and fascinating lifestyle: the ponies, croft life, native sheep, wool production, and their most creative product, Fair Isle knitting.  For generations, knitters on Shetland have worn a leather belt, called a makkin belt, to hold one needle, knitting with the other hand. Shetlanders can walk, talk and knit at the same time! 

Through the magic of Knit + Escape, you’re invited to experience the wonders of Shetland Wool Week. Hosted by knitting podcaster, Anne Frost, you will: 

  • Visit a working croft touring with crofter Chris Dyer who raises native Shetland sheep
  • Meet Shetland native, Hazel Tindall, the world’s fastest knitter
  • Learn about traditional Shetland time-saving devices that locals use for finishing their knitted pieces
  • Find out how Shetland wool is graded and sold
  • Discover how to preserve a memory of a loved one by turning their knitwear into a memory bear! And that is just the beginning!

You will spend a full day with the Shetlanders with riveting, fact-packed, pre-recorded content. Content will be available for one week after the event so you can experience all of Knit + Escape! No knitter worthy of the name can afford to miss this!

Meet The Magical Sheep of Shetland with Historian and Archeologist Chris Dyer
Preserving Shetland’s Knitting Tradition - Start Them Young! With Janette Budge
A Deep Dive into The Magic of Shetland Wool Week with Anne Frost (Direct from Shetland)
What Makes Shetland Fleece So Magical with fleece grader Oliver Henry
Preserve a Moving Memory into a Memory Bear with Wendy Inkster Founder of Burra Bears
Keeping the Knitting Magic in Shetland - Jamieson’s of Shetland Mill direct from their shop in Lerwick
Whittle Your Own Shawl Pin and Other Whittling Wonders with Cecil Tait
You Can Cut Your Knitting - YES YOU CAN! with Barbara Cheyne
Meet the 2021 Patron of Shetland Wool Week Wilma Malcolmson
Meet the World's Fastest Knitter, Hazel Tindall - She is Magical!
Discover the unexpected opportunities of Fair Isle Knitting with Alison Randall

View the session schedule for Shetland Saturday: