Full Name
Tabbethia Haubold
Long Island Yarn & Farm
Speaker Bio
Long Island Yarn and Farm is a 17-acre fully diversified fiber farm in Yaphank, NY that is dedicated to the well-being and education of fibered livestock, specializing in llamas. As a professional shearer, founder and farm owner Tabbethia Haubold, utilizes the fiber she harvests along with fiber from other American farms, in the production of LIYF yarns. Shearing for over 20 years has given Tabbethia the opportunity to handle the fleeces of not only a variety of sheep breeds, but of alpaca, llama, angora goat and even a handful of angora rabbits. Her fiber journey also has a unique perspective with an evolution from the love of the animal that grew to the love of the fiber. Tabbethia was in fact also a spinner before she was even a knitter. As a spinner, one can really gain a much greater appreciation for the fiber you are working with in terms of its hand as well as how it behaves and ultimately translates into a finished object. This knowledge carries over into her role as a yarn designer for LIYF. Putting a Face with the Fiber is the mission statement of Long Island Yarn and Farm. Creating yarns, that through the hand knit garments people make, connect you to the animals that we love.
Tabbethia Haubold