Full Name
Cynthia Dorrough
Job Title
Resident Designer/Owner
High Contrast Knits & Design
Speaker Bio
Cynthia is an Atlanta, Georgia based knitwear designer that specializes in creating visually appealing and themed patterns that remove the intimidation factor from various colorwork techniques. In addition to designing colorwork patterns, she has taught several technique-based knitting classes such as Lace Knitting, Combination Knitting, Mosaic Knitting, Brioche, and Introduction to Sock Knitting both virtually and on-site in Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois. High Contrast Knits & Design was started in 2019 as Cynthia’s brand for test knitting and sample knitting projects completed for various designers and local yarn stores where she became known for pairing and incorporating colors that played well against each other in projects. As time progressed, her knack for pairing colors and love for knitting socks evolved into helping others inject their personal style into patterns and bravely tackle knitting techniques that may seem daunting to other makers.
In her spare time, when she is not designing patterns or knitting, she is also a quilter and amateur home gardener.
Cynthia Dorrough