Full Name
Sophie Deschamps
Job Title
Bag Maker and Entrepreneur
Dolphina Collective
Speaker Bio
Sophie is a self taught bag maker and knitter. Born and raised in "La Belle Province" but an adopted Kingstonian since 2010.
Passionate about craft, as far back as she can remember, she has been sewing since she was about 7. Sophie got, as a Christmas present, a refurbished Singer Featherweight sewing machine and taught herself how to knit when she was about 8 from a coloring book. Sophie doesn't remember ever not knitting. In College, she was knitting in the Montreal subway when it was still 'a grandma thing'.
You can find Sophie's bags at over 20 fibre festivals mostly around Quebec, Ontario and the US but her bags are also available at Unraveled in Perth, ON, Knitting 3 Together in Huntsville ON, Tricot-Thé Serré in Sherbrooke, QC, Cast On Yarn Studio, Vermillion, OH and on Native Fibers website www.nativefibers.com.
She collaborated on projects with Christopher Walker of Cabinboyknits, Christina Lundborg of Chelsea Yarns, Genevieve Parant of Colorista, Melissa Desrocher-Bolduc of Fibrelya and more are to come for 2021.
Sophie Deschamps